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Slippery Decking

            Is Slippery Decking an issue in your garden? Mossy, slimey and slippery grooved decking - A problem for many people that I meet. With the right materials and construction techniques the issue can be greatly reduced. Contact on...

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Top tips for container planting

Container planting is fun, really flexible and your outdoor space can be transformed immediately.  I tend to keep the planting to a single theme such as bamboo, grasses or phormiums so things don't get too busy.  And if you want a more modern architectural look, use...

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What is landscaping

The term landscaping can be confusing to many as it can cover an undefinable number of different services. From Patios, decking, monblock drives through to garden maintenance and lawn cutting. At "Paul Church Gardens" the landscaping service we provide is the...

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Small garden design solutions

 Working with a small garden area can be a challenge in finding ways to make it work as a usable space. At Paul Church Gardens by Design we really enjoy finding ways with clever design and innovative ideas to make your garden work for you. We have worked on a number...

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Artifcial lawn – Garden design project

This is a recently completed project involving a full garden design and landscaping build for a client in Edinburgh. The Garden had drainage issue resulting in an expanse of sodden water logged lawn. The brief was to create a modern contemporary garden with the idea...

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Top Tips for a Fuss Free Garden

• Creating boundaries makes an area automatically easier to maintain. If you want a grassy lawn area, box it off into a neat square or rectangle shape. That way it won’t spread and take over. • To add colour, put plants in containers. These are easier than fussy...

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New Website Launched

Welcome to my brand new website, which I launched in February 2014, just as the daffodils and croci were beginning to poke through. I hope you enjoy looking around to see some of the things I have been up to since Paul Church Gardens by Design Ltd was established in...

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‘Alistair and Karen Hagart now have an uncluttered garden that fits their urban lifestyle.’

Sleek disposition, December 2012.

Scotland on Sunday

“The makeover of a beachfront home’s garden went so well that the neighbours hired the designer too.” A Sea Change,  October 2009. Scotland on Sunday