Container planting is fun, really flexible and your outdoor space can be transformed immediately.  I tend to keep the planting to a single theme such as bamboo, grasses or phormiums so things don’t get too busy.  And if you want a more modern architectural look, use strong colours, clean lines and an element of design in presentation.

Balconies & Roof Gardens

Top tips for container planting

  • Get the right compost/soil for planting.
  • Mix water retaining crystal with your compost for drought environments such as balconies.
  • If your plants will be left for extended periods use a tanker irrigation system.
  • To prevent weeds and prevent water loss, use soul coverings such as polished glass, seas pebbles and crushed granite.
  • Be imaginative with planting and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Benefits of container planting

  • It can be done at any time of year.
  • Large and small areas can be transformed immediately.
  • Minimal cost and flexible but big impact.
  • Container planting is clean and low maintenance.